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Welcome! This page is made with the macOS X Lion CSS made by Alessio Atzeni, which can be found here!

About Me

My name is Latte. I'm male, 15, gay, from Scotland, and I have ADHD and autism. I am a Nintendo fan, and for some reason, I love one of its failures known as the Wii U.

Some other things I like are Bee and Puppycat, Guitar Hero, Rockband, Windows 7 and 8, macOS X 10.7 "Lion", iPods, and many other things.

I use Linux (you probably thought I was using a Mac, but the only Apple device I have is an iPod Nano 7th gen). My distro is Ubuntu 22.04 with the midnight-gtk theme.

Some Links

These are some links to my Neocities profile, profiles on other sites, and an invite to my Discord server!

Neocities Profile

Discord Server




Friend Codes

These are my friend codes! I may or may not accept your friend request. :3

(For anything that doesn't use friend requests and instead uses code exchanging, like Mario Kart Wii, please share your friend code in the chatbox!)

  • Wii Number: 6582-1858-7301-5372
  • Mario Kart Wii: 4644-5813-2140
  • Animal Crossing LGTTC: 4129-1901-1584
  • 3DS Friend Code: (wait until december 3rd lol)
  • Wii U NNID: LatteStarbuck
  • Wii U PNID: LatteWiiU
  • Nintendo Switch: SW-3069-3704-8993
  • Chatbox


    This is my button!

    (thanks Wanco for making this button!)